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Opening Times:

Monday — Friday: 12pm - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm
Saturday: 12pm - 3pm & 5pm - Late
Sunday: 5pm - 10pm

A – MODO – MIO is the grammatically correct way of saying our name , translated means MY WAY in Italian. The reason we have decided to name Bar Aldos, Alloa, sister restaurant this is because we have decided to venture out to Falkirk and take Italian dining to the next level, making it fun, interesting and most importantly SIMPLE... hence our slogan MANGIARE SIMPLECIAMENTE.

Our family ventured and travelled from Italy to Scotland over 40 years ago, and ever since we have carried on the Italian tradition in living and eating. The beauty of Italian dining is that it can cater to everybody's culinary palettes..from the most common dishes such and pasta and pizza to fresh fish and rare meat dishes, which have originated from all over Italy.

From the small town of Picinisco where our family originate from, we have been brought up and raised on home Italian cooking. And now through years of experience and youth we can twist and exaggerate these fantastic Italian secrets and share and incorporate into our modern way of living.

The Bar Aldos and Amodo Mio family are excited to be opening a new establishment, which we hope will inspire and excite you all in exploring Italian dining.

We are a family ran business and welcome all you to join us.

Tanti Baci
The Pia Family and Hugo

Amodo Mio has been designed to entertain, since we have both upstairs and downstairs dining, we are able to cater to private parties, functions or meetings.
Thinking of having a private parties? Why not come to us, our upstairs area can seat up to 30 people, with full view of our Italian working kitchen and a private bar. We can arrange a sit down set menu of your choice or how about a buffet if you are thinking of doing a business function or meeting?

Any queries or for more information please do not hesitate to contact us or email at carolina@amodo-mio.co.uk

So I bet you are always curious to when you have had a good meal what the chef has done so differently that differentiates their spaghetti carbonara to yours at home? Well fear not Amodo Mio are now allowing you to be able to ask our chefs any culinary questions you would like.

Our chefs are now at your disbosal email Giovanni@amodo-mio.co.uk for any foody questions, happy cooking and buona appetito.


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We have a fantastic choice of food and drinks from our lovely menu


Zuppe — Home-made Soups

(all served with crusty bread)

— Minestrone — fresh vegetable soup £4.20

— Crema di Pomodoro — Cream of Tomato soup £3.50

— Zuppa del giorno— soup of the day — ask waiter £3.95


— GAMBERONI — (Pan fried king prawns served in a tangly lime , chilli and white wine sauce) £7.50

— COZZE — (scottish mussels cooked in a tasty onion, cream and fresh parsley sauce) £7.50

— ZUPPA DEL GIORNO — (home made hearty soup of the day please ask your waiter) £4.20

— PATE — (Home made smooth chicken liver pate , served with a delicious homemade onion and blackcurrent chutney and toasted home made bread) £5.95

— CALAMARE FRITTI — (deep fried dusted squid served with a home made garlic and parsley dip) £6.95

— SPEDINI — (skewers layered with Tuscan sausage wrapped in courgettes, crunchy peppers and onions, served with a homemade pesto and cream salsa) £6.95

— CORNETTI SALMONE — (Fresh scottish salmon stuffed with a prawn in a home made marie rose sauce, drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette) £7.20

— MOZZERELLA IN CAROZZA (V) —(Mozzerella di bufula carriaged with home made bread , dipped in egg and homemade bread crumbs then panfried, served with a tangy tomato salsa and drizzled with a in house pesto dressing) £5.95

— INSALATA CAPRESE (V) — (Mozzerella di buffula layered with freshly sliced tomatos, then drizzled with a sweet balsamic syrup Option with parma ham Supp. £1.00) £6.50

— CAPESANTE DELLO CHEF — (Fresh scottish scallops served with the chefs choice of sauce of the day , please ask your waiter) £9.95


Pane — Home-made Bread

— FOCACCIA AMODO MIO —(home made Italian flat bread topped with hand sliced San Daniele parma ham, fresh rocket and grana padano parmesan shavings)l £5.95

— FOCACCIA (v)— (option with mozzarella cheese) supp. £1.00 £4.30

— BRUSCHETTA (v)— (home made garlic bread topped with fresh tomatos marinated in olive oil , garlic and basil) £4.30

— PANE ALL'OLIO (v)— (home made garlic bread) £3.00

— PANE E OLIVE (v)— (ripe Italian olives with home made bread and olive oil and balsamic vinegar dipping pot) £4.00

FAMIGLIA PIATE (3-4 persone)

— PANE MISTO (v) —(A selection of home made Italian breads including bruschetta, focaccia, crostini funghi and garlic bread and cheese) £11.95

— ANTIPASTO AMODO MIO (CARNE)— (a selection of Italian cured meats, home made bread, ripe olives, delicious sundried tomatos and olive oil and balsamic dipping pot) £13.95

— ANTIPASTO AMODO MIO (PESCE) — (a selection of fresh locally sourced fish including deep fried squid and juicy prawns, marinated salmon and prawn cocktail served with a home made garlic dip) £13.95



— POMODORA (V) — (In house home made Italian tomato sauce simmered with garlic, olive oil and fresh basil) £7.20

— CARBONARA — (A comforting cream, tasty pancetta ,organic eggs and grana padano parmesan sauce) £8.95

— RAGO — (italian classic. Home made tomato sauce and locally sourced aberdeen angus minced beef) £8.80

— PESCATORE —(a delicious mixed seafood sauce which includes king prawns, mussels and squid, cooked in a homemade natural tomato,fresh garlic and white wine sauce) £10.95

— VERDE (V) — (A delicious vegetarian option with crunchy asparagus, peas , spinach and cream sauce) £8.95

— FARRESTA (V) — (distinct wild mushrooms, white wine, crunchy walnut sauce topped with grana padano parmesan shavings) £9.95

— BERSAGLIERA — (Tangy tomato , chilli and Tuscan sausage sauce) £8.95

— GNOCCHI DEL GIORNO — (italian Potato dumpling with the chefs choice of sauce , please ask waiter) £8.50

— LASAGNA — (flat pasta sheets layered with succulent aberdeen angus beef, mozzarella cheese, grana padano paremsan and becham nel sauce) £9.00

— RISOTTO VERDE (V) — (Rice served in a crunchy asparagus, pea, spinach and rich cream sauce, topped with grana padano parmesan shavings) £8.95

— RISOTTO MARE — (Rice served in a fresh squid,scottish mussels, king prawn and our in house tomato sauce) £10.95

— RISOTTO POLLO FUNGHI — (Rice served in a distinct wild mushroom, succulent chicken and rich cream sauce) £9.95

— RISOTTO LINA — Rice served in a juicy king prawn, crispy radicchio , gorgonzola and rich cream sauce) £10.50


— POLLO MILANESE — (Succulent chicken breaded then pan fried served with a traditional spaghetti Napoli and a salad garnish) £13.95

— VEAL MILANESE — (Tender brittish veal breaded then pan fried served with a side of aubergines stack with parmesan and tomato sauce and a salad garnish) £15.95

— INSALATA CEASAR ON POLLO — (A crunchy salad dressed with a ceaser dressing, home made croutons, succulent chicken breast and topped with grana padano parmesan shavings) £8.95

— SCALLOPINA SALTIMBOCA — (Tender brittish veal cooked in a fresh sage, red wine jus then topped with san daniele parma ham slices and served with fresh local sourced vegetables) £15.95

— POLLO TROPICAL — (A refreshing chicken dish , topped with italian ham and juicy pineapple with a tropical Malibu and cream sauce, served with fresh seasonal vegetables) £14.00



— PESCE DEL GIORNO — (A delicious seafood dish chefs favourite, please ask waiter or check board)

— COSTINI DI ANGLIELLO — (succulent scottish lamb chops marrinated with fresh rosemary and fresh garlic served on a bed of minty mash potatoes) £13.95

— TAGLIATA DI MANZO — (Scottish aberdeen angus fillet steak sliced served medium rare, on a bed of peppery rocket and grana padano parmesan shavings topped with tangy balsamic glaze) £19.95


All locally sourced scottish beef 28 days matured
SIRLOIN £16.95 - FILLET £19.50

— Peppercorn, Cognac & Mushroom, Gorgonzola £2.95

— Cream, honey & whole grain, mustard butter & herb £1.95


— MARGHERITA (V) — (Italys bread and butter. Italian mozzarella and homemade italian tomato base) £6.95

— MARE — (italian mozzarella, italian tomato base topped with scottish mussels, king prawns, mussels and squid) £10.95

— QUATTRO STAGIONI — (italian mozzarella, italian tomato base topped with finely sliced mushrooms, ripe olives, succulent parma ham and italian marinated artichokes) £9.50

— DIAVOLINA — (italian mozzarella, italian tomato base topped with spicy italian pepperoni, eye-watering jalapenos, fresh salami milano and amodo mio homemade chilli oil) £9.00

— PRIMAVERA — (in bianco - italian mozzarella base topped with peppery rocket, succulent san daniele parma ham and grana padano parmesan shavings) £8.50

— MARINARA — (homemade italian tomato base topped with tuna chunks, ripe olives, pungent red onions and amodo mio homemade chilli oil) £8.95

— IL SICILIANA (V) — (italian mozzarella, italian tomato base, indulgent mascarpone, finely sliced mushrooms and aubergines) £8.50

— CALZONE — £10.50

— Side £2.95
Creamy gardens peas with slice red onions and italian pancetta
Green bean salad with vinergarette
Homemade chunky chips
Roast potatoes
Homemade onion rings
Insalata mista





— COCCO RIPIENO — Coconut ice cream inside a classic and exotic coconut shell: £4.50

— HONEY POT — Finest dairy vanilla ice cream containing honey sauce and nougat pieces, decorated with roasted caramelised almonds: £4.35

— COPPA CATALANA IN COCCIO — Finest dairy vanilla ice cream containing honey sauce and nougat pieces, decorated with roasted caramelised almonds: £4.50

— COPPA CATALANA IN COCCIO — Finest dairy vanilla ice cream containing honey sauce and nougat pieces, decorated with roasted caramelised almonds: £4.50

— PROFITEROLES BIANCO — Soft choux pastries filled with chocolate cream, covered with a gentle vanilla cream and decorated with milk chocolate curls: £4.50

— TARTINA FANTASTIQUE — Vanilla and caramel ice cream decorated with chocolate spheres, toffee pieces and drizzled with chocolate sauce: £4.75

— HOMEMADE TIRAMISÙ — Mascarpone cream with coffee soaked finger biscuits: £4.50

— CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE — A rich moist chocolate sponge layered with fudge and coated in a wonderfully smooth chocolate fudge icing: £4.25




— CHEESECAKE OF THE DAY — Please ask your server for today's choice: £4.50


— GELATO ASSORTI — Porrelli's Luxury Double Cream Vanilla, Strawberry & Belgian Chocolate: £3.95

— AFFOGATO AL CAFFE — Vanilla Ice Cream with one shot of espresso: £3.95

— AFFOGATO AL CAFFE — Vanilla Ice Cream with one shot of espresso & one shot of liqueur: £5.95


— KWAKKA — Vanilla ice cream in a novelty 'Kwakka' character toy: £2.95

— KIDS ICE CREAM — 2 scoops of either Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate: £2.50


— COPPA AMERENA — Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Amarena Cherries in Syrup: £5.50

— COPPA LIMONCELLO — Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Limoncello sauce: £5.50

— COPPA CIOCCOLATO — Luxury Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream topped with chocolate curls and sauce: £4.95

— Beverages —

— FORMAGGI — Selection of Italian Cheeses & Biscuits: £8.95

— tea — £1.60

— Selection of Herbal / Flavoured Teas — £1.70

— Black Coffee — £1.80

— White Coffee — £2.00

— Espresso — £1.70

— Double Espresso — £2.50

— Cappuccino — £2.30

— Macchiato — £1.90

— Caffè Latte — £2.30

— Hot Chocolate — £2.40

— Liqueur Coffee — £5.20

— Add a shot of Caramel, Hazelnut or Vanilla to your Coffee or Hot Chocolate — 50p



— Bellini — prosecco and peach puree £4.95

— Aperol Spritzer — aperol, white wine & soda with a slice of orange £4.95

— Negroni — gin, campari and vermouth £4.50

— Amaretto Sour — amaretto, lemon juice, simple syrup, garnished with a
maraschino cherry & orange slice £3.95

— Limoncello Cocktail — limoncello, lemon, tonic water, vodka £5.50

— Frangelico Chocolate Martini — frangelico, chocolate liquor, vodka, garnished with a cherry £5.95

— Espresso Martini — espresso, vanilla vodka, coffee liquor £5.95

— French Martini — pineapple, chambord, raspberry vodka £5.95

— Cosmopolitan — citron vodka, contreou, cranberry & lime £5.50

— Mojito — bacardi, bitter mint, lime, sugar syrup & soda £4.95

— The Godfather — amaretto & whisky £4.50

— Amodo Mio Cocktail of the week — ask waiter £5.95


— Vodka (25ml) — Smirnoff Vodka £2.50
Grey Goose £4.00

— Gin (25ml) — Gordins Gin £2.50
Bombay Sapphire £3.50
Tanquery £3.50
Hendricks £3.50

— Rum (25ml) — Bacardi £2.50
Morgans Spice £2.50

— Whisky and
Bourbon (25ml) — Famous Grouse £2.50
Jack Daniels £3.50
Jamesons £2.50

— Malt
Whisky (25ml) — Glenmorangie — 10 years £4.00
Macallan — 10 years £4.00
Glenfiddich £4.00
Talisker £4.00
Laphroaig £4.00
Johhnie Walker — Black Label £4.00
Bowman £4.00
Jura £4.00

— Brandy and
Cognac (25ml) — Vechia Romagna £3.50
Remy Martel £3.00

— Aperitif (50ml) — Martini Rosso £2.50
Martini Bianco £2.50
Martini Dry £2.50
Campari £2.50
Averna (35ml) £4.00
Amaro Montenegro (35ml) £4.00

— Liqueurs (25ml) — Malibu £3.00
Midori £2.50
Archers Snapps £2.50
Southern Comfort £2.50
Limocello £3.50
Frangelico £3.50
Tia Maria £3.50
Amaretto £3.50
Cointreau £3.50
Stregga £3.50
Drambuie £3.50
Glayva £3.50
Grappa £3.50
Grappa Riserva £4.00
Sambuca £3.50
Baileys (50 ml) £3.00

(all mixers extra additional cost 50p)

— Pints — Pint Moretti (draft) £3.80
½ pint Moretti (draft) £2.00

— Bottled Beer — Peroni £3.30
Corona £3.20
Miller £3.00
Budwiser £3.10

— Cider — Magners £3.10

— Alcopops — Smirnoff Ice £2.80
WKD £2.50

— Soft Drinks — Soft Drinks £2.00
Bottled Soft Drinks £2.40
Fruit Juice £2.20
Bottled Mineral Water (small) £1.90
Bottled Mineral Water (large) £2.90

Wine List

— Bianco —
Wine by the Glass

House White — Medium Glass (175ml) — £3.95
Glass (250ml) — £4.50
Pinot Grigio – Dry & Fruity Glass (175ml) — £4.95
Glass (250ml) — £5.95
Sauvignon — Crisp Glass (175ml) — £4.95
Glass (250ml) — £5.95


House White — Medium £15.95 Italy , 12%

Frascati POC Superiore — Dry £19.00
Lazio, Italy 12 %, This prestigious Frascati has tremendous weight, complexity and an elegant structure. The palate is rich and silky with fruit and light almond overtones, a creamy soft palate and subtle grape and apple fruit aromas.

Trebbiano d'Abruzzo — Medium £18.95
This special wine is created using the most accurate selection of grapes Trebbiano d'Abruzzo D.O.C. It has a clear yellow colour, ideal as an aperitif, but also with all dishes. Particularly suited for shellfish, fish and white meat.

Falanghina — Medium £18.95
Italy, Benevento, 12% , the Falanghina grape has its origins in Roman times and is now making excellent and under-rated wines north of Naples. A soft floral nose is followed by a delicious fruity flavour on the palate and a lovely crisp finish.

Sauvingnon — Crisp £22.50
Italy,Valtedoni, 12%,he characteristic gooseberry flavours of a well-produced sauvignon hit you on the nose and are followed by a mouth filling wine with a delicious.

Pinot Grigio — Dry & Fruity £19.95
Piemonte, Italy, 12.5 % - Aromatic Fresh and Fruity with an elegant finish.

Pecorino — Dry & Rounded £20.50
Marche, Italy . 13%, Brilliant golden in colour with greenish hues, this elegant and delicately scented wine has notes of fresh flowers, melon and pear. The palate is fresh with a balanced acidity.

Gavi di Gavi — Dry & Elegant £20.95
Villa Lanata, Italy ,13%, This excellent producer crafts his refreshing gooseberry and mineral styles with delicate floral hints, dry but not austere.

— Rosso —
Wine by the Glass

House Red — Full bodied & Fruity Glass (175ml) — £3.95
Glass (250ml) — £4.50
Chianti Classico — Rich & Fruity Glass (175ml) — £5.45
Glass (250ml) — £6.45
Montepuciano d'Abbruzzo — Crisp Glass (175ml) — £5.45
Glass (250ml) — £6.45


House Red — Full bodied & Fruity £15.95 Abruzzo, Italy, 12.5%

Chianti Classico — Rich & Fruity £20.95
Tuscany, Italy, 13 %- Dry , Full Bodied and harmonious, becoming smooth, rich and velvety as it matures. Deep ruby red colour with an intense bouquet of violets and iris.

Chianti Riserva — Full Bodied £24.95
Tuscany, Italy , 13.5% - This superb example of chianti is dry, ruby red with an intense and harmonious bouquet that hints of spices. The palate is soft and fully bodied with delicate fruity tones.

Montepuciano d'Abbruzzo — Medium Bodied & Fruity £20.50
Abruzzo, Itay , 12.5%- This superb wine is wonderfully rounded with a rich, dark red colour, full soft black cherry flavours and damson fruit aromas.

Barbera d'Asti — Robust & Well Balanced £23.50
Asti, Italy , 13.5%, Vanilla notes conveyed by the wooden barrels give this Barbera flair and character. The appearance is deep and violet with and elegant bouquet.

Barbera Superiore — Full Bodied £25.95
Asti,Italy, 13.5%, a particularly good ageing wine, At its best it is a rich, tangy, full-bodied wine characterized by an intense ruby-red colour which graduates towards garnet red with age. It is a full-bodied wine whose flavours become more balanced and appealing as it matures.

Merlot — Full Bodied £18.95
Friuli, Italy, 14% - Deep ruby colour revealing a delicate perfume, harmonic taste with hints of cherry and plum leading to a velvety finish.

Vallipocella DOC — Balanced & Smooth £19.95
Veneto, Italy, 12.5% - Full bodied intense, lightly spiced, sweet cherry flavours and dark raison aromas have produced a well balanced wine with a lovely, lingering finish.

Barolo Classico DOCG — Elegant &well Structured £36.95
13.5%,This award winning wine is ruby red with light orange reflections. The aroma is intense with a subtle sense of roses and the ample palate is full, elegant and well structured.

Amarone Della Valipocella — Rich, Full bodied & Complex £40.00
Italy, 15%,full bodied and velvety smooth, this Amarone is characterized by its orange tinged deep red colour, its complex aromas of violets, raspberries and mint blossoms and intense, velvety soft raisin like flavours.

Brunello — Rich & Full Bodied £46.00
Pinino, Italy , 13.5%, Powerful with well defined compact fruit on the palate and a silky finish.

— Rose —
Wine by the Glass

House Rose — Floral & Crisp Glass (175ml) — £4.00
Glass (250ml) — £4.80
Pinot Grigio Rose — Crisp & Dry Glass (175ml) — £5.45
Glass (250ml) — £6.45


House Rose — Floral & Crisp £18.50
Siciliy, Italy, 12%, a crisp delicate and soft wine, with fruity tastes and slithers of crispy essences.

Pinot Grigio Rose — Crisp & Dry £18.95
Italy, 12%, This rose is a salmon pink colour, the wine has a fantastic array of fruit flavours elegantly with a dry finish.

Bardolino Chiaretto — Fruity £18.95
Bolla, Italy 11.5%- chiaretto is distinguished by its soft strawberry colour and delicate structure, showing hints of blackberry the flavour is elegant and refreshing.

Pinot Grigio Rose — Crisp & Dry £18.95
Italy, 12%, This rose is a salmon pink colour, the wine has a fantastic array of fruit flavours elegantly with a dry finish.

— Sparkling / Champagne —

Prosecco £20.95
Veneto, Italy , 11%, Light Straw colour, deliciously fruity with a lively sparkle.

Brachetto £20.95
Italy, 6.5%, Soft red, with intense ruby reflection. An aromatic , fruity bouquet with hints of rose petals. Sweet, intense and harmonious.

Moet Chandon Brut Imperial £55.00
France, 12 % , A well known blend of older reserves with young wines to ensure a consistency of this flowery aroma and warm biscuit hints.

Moet Chandon Rose £60.00
France, 12%, Salmon pink in colour, has a wonderful fresh and floral style with summer strawberry flavours.

Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut £60.00
France , 12%, With a reputation of having a big and full bodied flavour, the richness and yeasty tones give a long and stylish finish.

Dom Perignon Brut 2000 £180.00
France , 12.5%, Long and satisfying on the palate with layers of yeasty, nutty flavours Complex and luxury Grand Cru Champagne made only in the best of years.

Customer rating:

  • Service 97%

  • Food 98%

  • Drinks 98%

  • Staff 100%

  • Venue 100%


For any bookings please email us at bookings@amodo-mio.co.uk and we will respond as soon as we can or you can call us on 01324 619 814


Amodo Mio
104 - 108 Manor Street

T: 01324 619 814
E: info@amodo-mio.co.uk
W: www.amodo-mio.co.uk